About Me

I’m a Husband and Father of two, web technology fan, and contract with ServiceNow for Australia Post.

I’ve updated my personal site because I want to share with the world my excitement about the ServiceNow Platform and Community.

Check out my Blog for my writing (some of which will be personal, some cross-posted from the ServiceNow Community) or my Resume (Below) for my experience and achievements.

If you want to chat, hit me up on the SN Devs Slack Channel or one of my contact methods in the footer.


Coming up to 10 years experience in Service Delivery, for the last 5 years I have lived and breathed ServiceNow. I am passionate about getting the most out of your investment, and building new and innovative applications on the platform.

Below is a (fairly) up-to-date list of my certifications and experience, but for the Real Live Deal please see my:




ServiceNow Senior Developer

ServiceNow Technical Lead

Platform Owner, Developer, and Architect for ServiceNow within the organisation, I successfully implemented Discovery, CMDB, Orchestration/IntegrationHub, Self-Service Password Reset and many other value-add projects.

ServiceNow Administrator

Develop and Maintain the ServiceNow Platform for a large state government department. Oversaw a number of major version upgrades and implementations throughout my tenure.

Customer Service Officer

Level 2 Service Desk position supporting over 10,000 users in a large state government department. Supporting and troubleshooting Windows PCs and Servers from XP to Windows 10.


Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment