Happy (Educational) Holidays!

Why do we love virtual badges so much?

Ever since ServiceNow announced the new Now Profile, Now Learning and Now Creators programs I have been meaning to spend some time looking through the offerings and getting a few of the badges and micro-certs (for free!).

The week post-Christmas lined up pretty well with a public holiday on the Wednesday and most of my colleagues on leave, so I booked the rest of the week Work From Home and queued up a bunch of learning plans. I’ll be honest, I have been looking at all the badges and certifications and people posting on LinkedIn about getting them and been a little jealous.

My first point of call was the CMDB Fundamentals course. It consists of two Micro-Certifications and a whole bunch of badges. I have had a fair bit of experience with CMDB since setting up Discovery, attending a few in-person workshops and learning the CMDB Health side of things, so I knew it would be something I could smash out pretty quick. Here’s my thoughts so far:

  • The Now Learning site is great, the courses are well presented and it actually teaches you a lot
  • It’s easy to get started and keep going
  • The Simulators are really good. Like… You click a button, wait a few seconds, and bam you have a new instance to use and validate your knowledge. No logins, no waiting to wake a developer instance, really really cool.
  • The questions for the Simulators are very well written, and don’t spoon-feed you too much. The validation shows you what your outcome should be, and you can go from there
  • I do love badges

Here’s how I did after day 1: Badges

Next on the agenda

Obviously this is only one day, and it was mostly stuff I’ve done before. Next up I want to look at Machine Learning, Virtual Agent, Agent Workspace, IntegrationHub and specifically ATF. Testing is one part of the platform I really need to brush up on.

I’ve also wanted to do a few more youtube videos around stuff that I find interesting (the new KPI composer for Performance Analytics? So cool!) so maybe you’ll see them show up soon. Maybe.

- Andrew

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