Knowledge 2020 CreatorCon Virtual Hackathon

Time flies when you are working from home in quarantine, amirite? It’s now roughly 1 week from the 2020 CreatorCon Virtual Hackathon where members from the ServiceNow community will be “Battling it out” for “Fame and Prizes” by creating an app to solve real-world problems on-platform.

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Hackathons are something that I have always wanted to do, but never had the opportunity. Being virtual means this year I can really throw myself at the challenge and hopefully have a great outcome.

I’m joining a team with some friends from Australia🇦🇺 and maybe some of the Developer MVP guys, and am going to try stream as much of the event as I can on My YouTube Channel. I will also try blogging a bit either during or after the event, but no promises - I might be way too busy.

There’s going to be heaps of stuff going on over the weekend, so make sure to follow the Dev Program YouTube, Developer Blog and #ServiceNowDev on Twitter. While you are there check out K20 Proper and the CreatorCon for more awesome #Content.

If you are joining the hackathon, Let me know in the comments! I’ll be sure to follow you during :)

Love, with cut-off gloves and an anarchist pin,

- Andrew

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