Flow Designer: A LinkedIn Poll

Ahhh, LinkedIn. Many people have many opinions. But, one thing I can’t deny is that it’s a really useful tool for reaching out with a quick poll. And that’s what I did when I thought about my upcoming blogs on “Flow Designer”. I wanted to gauge the average ServiceNow person’s opinion on the tool.

Over a week, my poll received 299 votes, and the responses were spread surprisingly evenly across my four choices. Here’s the outcome:

And the exact numbers:

Now I’m super glad that “Yes!” won, but the majority of votes were in other categories.

As I mentioned in the post, I’m looking to do a small series of posts on how I have used Flow Designer in a day-to-day, and why I believe it’s indispensable as a platform feature. This will come soon, but I have some Paris release stuff to do first!

Also, a quick update on my Journey to Community Level 5 - In the last week or so I have gained a little over 300 points. I’ve also written some articles which have been marked helpful a few times too.

❤️ - Andrew

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