Live Coding Happy Hour 10/11th Jan '20

Everything is coming up Zoidberg this year!

Yesterday I had the honour of being invited to join Andrew Barnes on the ServiceNow Developer YouTube channel for their weekly Live Coding Happy Hour where developers have a beer (or coffee in my case) and work on some fun problems live on stream.

You can see the stream here:


It was an awesome experience and I had a great time working on automating some data imports from GSuite. My first point to note is when you get in the swing on things an hour really isn’t that long. I have definitely been sucked into the developer time vortex before but seriously, blink and you miss it.

From the coding side I was happy with the outcome although I did feel like I spent a bit too long looking for APIs and data which I maybe should have tested before we went live, but there was some excellent discussion about “When is the right situation to customise” and “What is the best way to implement this data” which leads in to my wanting to focus more on the “Architect” side of ServiceNow than the “Let’s do it” development.

And from the setup/experience side, I’m glad that I decided to purchase a new microphone and hooked a better webcam. I had recorded previously using my Bose 700 headphones and while they are awesome headphones, they definitely aren’t a studio microphone.

I also really love talking about what I’m doing and “showing my work” as it was. I’d love to do this some more, whether in an official ServiceNow capacity or more personally on my own stream. I hope that I will be able to find some time to do it more.

I am planning on sharing my Google Apps spoke (probably after it has been re-created in a PDI to avoid company branding) and will hopefully stream or upload some more of me working on it before then.

Until then, I look forward to hearing from you. Slack me

- Andrew

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