ServiceNow Developer MVP 2020

Holy Crap

Do you ever get one of those feelings that someone made a mistake and there’s no way you should be included in something? When I got the email inviting me to be one of the first ServiceNow Developer MVPs for the year 2020 I definitely felt a bit that way.

After a rather early morning (1am!) Zoom meeting with the other MVPs and members from ServiceNow’s Developer program it was announced! And the LinkedIn notifications started pouring in! Speaking of the other MVPs, the class is… well it’s humbling to even be considered on the same level as some of these people to say the least.

The other MVPs are:

  • Andrew Pishchulin
  • Earl Duque
  • Gaurav Choudhury
  • Jace Benson
  • Jarod Mundt
  • Jim Coyne
  • Kalaiarasan Pushpanathan
  • Mark Roethof
  • Mark Scott
  • Nathan Firth
  • Robert Fedoruk
  • Sumeet Ninawe
  • Travis Toulson

If you haven’t been living under a ServiceNow rock, you have seen these names. You know these people. They are amazing people and I want to really thank them for everything they have done for the community that I love.

This year I am going to push myself to take the Community Developer thing to a whole new level. I want to share more, create more, write more and help more. I also want to attend Knowledge 2020 in Orlando and I want to meet you there!

I also encourage you to take the time to find the other MVPs stuff. Look at their profiles on Community, Find their Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub or blog. If you are interested in ServiceNow development at all, you will learn something.

I’m just thankful what I’m doing is appreciated :)

- Andrew

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